Halloumi 850g

Halloumi is the traditional cheese of Cyprus, produced in the island for centuries.
It is semi-hard cheese made from a mixture of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk.
Some spearmint is added and then it is preserved in brine.
The authentic Cypriot halloumi managed to get successfully established in the world market due to its uniqueness, as it is the only cheese in the world not melting while being cooked while offering a variety of culinary choices.
Halloumi is tasteful in any form (roasted, fried, grated on spaghetti) while representing the main ingredient for salads and omelets.


Ingredients: Cow’s milk, sheep’s and goat’s milk, spearmint.

Nutrition declaration per 100gr
Energy 276 kcal
Saturates 276 kcal
Sugar 0,7gr
Salt 2,20gr